Cold reality

I am a big fan of an idol group. I would sit in front of my lappy searching about them for the whole day without getting tired or bored. Watching their show ¬†and laugh along,or listening to their music and sing along too and even worse is dancing to their music video. And when the news of them performing a concerts away from our place we would always groan while bitting nails due to the jealousy how lucky the others to have them performing in their country.On the other hand,if they perform in our country we would running at 4 am just to get a ticket for their concert. Funny ! Long to be short, it is amazing and fun to be a fan but sometimes it making me hesitate too. Thinking whether what am i doing is worth it or not. Whether i should do this or not. Should i buy their ticket or not and should i be their fan or not? All this question sometimes went through my mind. Its because they don’t know me like i know them. via Daily Prompt: Hesitate